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We provide high reach gutter cleaning service using the latest equipment, including carbon fibre poles and a Wi-Fi camera. We are IPAF qualified and our system can reach up to 8 storeys high. With this technology we inspect the work from the safety of the ground and provide a pre and post survey as well as carry out the necessary work. The gutter vac can clean gutters from the floor up to 40ft, this is a 3000 watt wet vacuum which will empty any gutter with its high suction power and contain all debris in its large cylinder so this is completely mess free, we will dispose of the waste in the correct way.

We also provide a three month clean guarantee!

From just £40 – Covering Faversham, Canterbury & Thanet

Gutter Cleaning Service

Our system allows us to clean schools, offices, pubs, restaurants, flats and reach the most difficult gutters that may have not been cleared for year’s maybe never as all buildings are different shapes and styles. Our system can ensure your building, premises or property gets the full clean it needs


Our gutter cleaning prices start from £40. Get in touch to book your clean now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is regular gutter cleaning important?

Gutters are installed onto houses to easily and safely take rain water away from the property and into the nearest drain. This is important because without the drains, water would run freely down the brickwork causing water damage to the building.

Blocked drains can have the same affect as not having drains at all – water can overflow and start running down the side of the building, potentially causing long-term damage and expensive repairs.

A regular gutter clean will ensure that all blockages and debris are removed, ensuring a free-flowing escape route for any rain water.

What is causing my gutters to block?

Rain water isn’t completely clean in itself but as it runs down your roof it will pick-up dirt and debris that have accumulated. You will likely find small twigs and leaves that have been dropped by birds or fallen from a near-by tree also clogging up your gutters. Moss is also an issue. Large clumps can easily be formed if your gutters are not cleaned.

Over time these small bits of debris will build up and cause a blockage, preventing the water from running away freely.

With our gutter vacuum cleaning system we can safely remove all of the dirt and debris from your roof and gutters, ensuring that you will not suffer from water damaged bricks and tiles.

How do blocked gutters cause property damage?

As mentioned above, when drains become blocked the water will overflow and run down where it shouldn’t – the side of your property. Water can seep into brickwork, fascias and foundations. This can lead to internal mould patches within the home.

How will you clean my gutters?

Our vacuum gutter cleaning system allows us to safely inspect your guttering from ground level then vacuum up any debris, ensuring water can easily, quickly and safely be taken away into the drainage systems.

Due the specialist system that we use, we are able to reach all heights of domestic guttering and difficult to reach areas including over conservatories, sides of buildings and extensions.

When do I need to have my gutters cleaned?

If you notice any signs of blocked drains such as over-hanging debris, a build-up of moss or water running over the side of your gutters and down the wall.

Autumn and spring are great times to have gutters cleaned due to more debris being in the air, particularly tree leaves.

Regular checks are recommended to avoid any potential build-ups especially if your house is next to or close to any trees.

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